CoalImP - Secure and Affordable Energy for the UK

Response to Consultation on cleaner domestic burning of solid fuels and wood - October 2018

Call for evidence on domestic burning of house coal, smokeless coal, manufactured solid fuel and wet wood - February 2018

Response to Government Green Paper – Building our Industrial Strategy - April 2017

Response to BEIS consultation on Coal Generation in Great Britain - The pathway to a low-carbon future - February 2017

Submission to BIS Committee Inquiry on the Government’s Industrial
- September 2016

Response to ORR’s initial consultation on the 2018 periodic review of Network Rail (PR18) - August 2016

Response to Consultation on Further Reforms to the Capacity Market - March 2016

Response to Consultation on Electricity Market Reform: Proposals for Implementation - December 2013

Call for Evidence on Carbon Capture and Storage - September 2013

Response to the Network Rail Consultation on the Coal Spillage Charge and the Coal Spillage Reduction Investment Charge - February 2013

Response to Consultation on the Variable Usage Charge and on a Freight-Specific Charge - August 2012

Call for Evidence on the Role of Gas in the Electricity Market - June 2012

Response to the Capacity Mechanism Consultation - October 2011

Response to ORR on the Review of Part J of the Network Code - September 2011

Response to the Electricity Market Reform Consultation - March 2011

Response to the Carbon Price Floor Consultation - February 2011

Response to the Consultation on a Framework for the Development of Clean Coal - September 2009

Response to the Consultation on Modernising Landfill Tax Legislation - July 2009

Response to the Carbon Capture and Storage and 'Carbon Capture Ready' Consultation Document - September 2008

Response to the Consultation on the Proposed EU Emissions Trading System from 2013 - July 2008

Consultation Response on the European Commission's Proposed Directive on Industrial Emissions - July 2008

Response to ORR on Coal Spillage Proposals in the Network Rail Strategic Business Plan Update - May 2008

Response to Network Rail on the Freight Charging Proposals in the Strategic Business Plan - December 2007

Letter to DEFRA on the Implementation Proposals for the Carbon Reduction Commitment - October 2007

Response to the Consultation on the Role of Nuclear Power in a Low-Carbon UK Economy - October 2007

Response to ORR on Periodic Review 2008: Charge to Recover the Costs of Freight-only Lines - August 2007

Consultation Response on the Draft Climate Change Bill - June 2007