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Coal in the UK - 2015 

The UK consumed 37.8 million tonnes of coal in 2015, including 29.3 million tonnes in power stations.

Coal imports to the UK were 25.5 million tonnes, a decrease of 39.0% on the previous year's amount, mainly as a result of reduced power station demand. UK coal output was 26.8% less than the previous year at 8.5 million tonnes. (Over the year, 4.0 million tonnes was lifted from stock, compared to 4.2 million tonnes put to stock in 2014.)

Coal-fired power stations produced 23% of the UK's electricity generation (gas 29%,  nuclear 21%, renewables 25% and others 2%).

(SourceDECC statistics)

UK Coal Imports complement UK Production

Coal therefore remains an important component of the UK's energy mix, with around three quarters of the nation's requirements being imported to supplement the UK's coal production.

CoalImP - the Association of Coal Importers and Producers- believes that imported coal complements indigenous supply and that both are secure and essential parts of the UK energy balance. Coal resources are plentiful, distributed more evenly around the globe than oil or gas, and coal is capable of being transported and stored safely.