CoalImP - Secure and Affordable Energy for the UK

Coal is needed to keep bills down and lights on during UK’s decarbonisation - CoalImp’s new circular, which  explores how the security and affordability of electricity supply is being threatened by the premature closure of coal-fired power stations, and how there is no credible solution to climate change that does not include coal.

Coal - a manifesto for affordable energy - CoalImp's report which shows how, as well as demonstrably providing security and affordability, coal in Britain can, and should, be part of a sustainable future using carbon capture and storage - July 2014

A Strategy for Coal in the UK 2013 - Managing the transition to meeting a decarbonised energy mix utilising coal with carbon capture and storage - A discussion document from the Coal Forum Working Group - November 2013

Coal - from security to sustainability - CoalImp's report which presents strategies for the UK to continue to benefit from the world’s most abundant and low cost fuel at the same time as leading the way to a future where coal is utilised in a clean and fully sustainable manner - September 2013

Coal and a Global Energy Strategy - Article by Nigel Yaxley for Doosan Babcock's Energy Brief - 2008