CoalImP - Secure and Affordable Energy for the UK

CoalImP is the Association for UK Coal Importers  and Producers

CoalImP, the Association of UK Coal Importers and Producers, includes major coal users and producers, rail companies, ports and other service providers in the UK coal supply chain. The Association aims to present, promote and protect the role of coal in the UK. The twelve members account for the handling, transportation and use of the majority of imported supplies into the country as well as UK coal production.

Press Release 23rd November 2015: Coal will still be needed to keep bills down and lights on until new power capacity is built - CoalImP believes that coal’s role in keeping bills down and lights on will remain essential for the next ten years, and quite possibly beyond, despite Government's announcement of plans to close all UK coal power stations by 2025.

Coal is needed to keep bills down and lights on during UK’s decarbonisation

Read CoalImP’s circular, which  explores how the security and affordability of electricity supply is being threatened by the premature closure of coal-fired power stations, and how there is no credible solution to climate change that does not include coal.

Coal - a manifesto for affordable energy

Read CoalImP's report Coal - a manifesto for affordable energy which shows how, as well as demonstrably providing security and affordability, coal in Britain can, and should, be part of a sustainable future using carbon capture and storage.

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